Talented Athletes Direct Admission Scheme


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Over the years, it is encouraging to witness that there is an increasing number of talented athletes in the community who choose to pursue their aspirations in higher education while continuing to strive for excellence in sports achievements.

To offer our due commitment in supporting the talented athletes in the community, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) launched the Elite Athletes Admission Scheme (EAAS) in 2016 and has since admitted more than 70 student-athletes to study programmes at undergraduate level across a wide spectrum of disciplines in Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Science, and Communication. Some shining examples are the Olympic medalist Ms. Sarah Lee, the Paralympic medalist Mr. Daniel Chan, and the Asian Games medalist Ms. Joey Chan and Mr. Max Lee.

Building on the solid foundation of the EAAS, HKBU is pleased to enhance EAAS and launch the “Talented Athletes Direct Admission Scheme” (TADAS) specifically for local talented athletes who wish to study at our University to achieve their full potentials in both sports and academic pursuit. Below are the highlights of TADAS:



1. Recognised sports ranking and achievements
2. Nominated by sports institutions such as the Hong Kong Sports Institute or other sports associations
3. Retired athletes of the HKSAR sport teams who have achieved outstanding results in regional and international sport competitions such as Olympic Games or Asian Games, etc.



Selection Criteria
1. Evidence of sports ranking and achievements
2. Interview performance
3. Reference / Recommendation letters of coaches and other referees such as former teachers as appropriate
4. Self-statement stating applicants’ interests, future plans, and the commitment to complete the academic studies



Tailor-made Learning Support
1. Individualized mentoring support, academic advice, psychological counselling and career planning
2. Flexibility in study arrangement to take care of student-athletes’ training and competition schedules
3. Provision of extension of normal study period



Please feel free to contact Ms. Kanny Lee at Tel no. 3411-8034 / Email: kannylee@hkbu.edu.hk