Dr. HONG, Sungil


PositionAssistant Professor and Programme Coordinator, MSocSC in Sport and Leisure Management

OfficeAAB 933, Academic and Administration Building, Baptist University Road Campus

Telephone No.3411 5638

Fax No.3411 5757

Ph.D. in Sport Management, Florida State University, USA
M.Sc. in Sport Administration, University of Louisville, USA
B.A. in Asian History, Korea University, Korea

  • Attendance demand in sport
  • Innovation adoption and diffusion in professional sports
  • Stadium financing

Dr. Hong joined the Department of Sport and Physical Education at the Hong Kong Baptist University as an assistant professor in 2013. He also serve as a programme coordinator of Masters of Social Sciences in Sport and Leisure Management. Dr. Hong’s research focuses in three areas: (1) attendance demand in sport, (2) innovation adoption and diffusion in professional sports, and (3) stadium financing. His work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including European Sport Management Quarterly, International Journal of Sport Finance, International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, and Journal of Applied Sport Management. Dr. Hong also holds practical experiences in a professional sports team. He worked as a marketing director in the Hyundai Unicorns Professional Baseball Club, Korea and participated in every aspect of sport marketing, including sponsorship, promotion, events, sales, and advertising.

  • Financial Management      
  • Management Skills and Communication
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Research Methods
  • Financial and Human Resources Management in Leisure Services

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Kim, S., Hong, S., Magnusen, M., & Rhee, Y. (2020). Hard knock coaching: A cross-cultural study of the effects of abusive leader behaviors on athlete satisfaction and commitment through interactional justice. International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching, 17, 5-6, 597-609 (SSCI)
  • Hong, S., Magnusen, M.J., & Coates, D. (2019). Collaborative innovation in professional sport stadium construction: An Event History Analysis. Journal of Applied Sport Management11(4), 29-44. 
  • Hong, S., & Magnusen, M.J. (2017). From virtual reality to reality: Examining the relationship between sport video gaming and sport consumption behaviors. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Management, 8(4), 41-49.
  • Hong, S., Magnusen, M.J, Mondello, M. (2015). Collaborative Innovation in Sport: Conceptualizing the Adoption of New Stadium Construction from Professional Sport Team and Government Perspectives. Journal of Physical Education and Sport Management,6(9), 70-81.
  • Kellison, T. & Hong, S. (2015). The adoption and diffusion of pro-environmental stadium design. European Sport Management Quarterly, 15(2), 249-269. (SSCI)
  • Kim, S., Hong, S., Andrew, D.P.S (2013). Sustainable volunteerism at a major international sporting event: The impact of perceived event prestige. Journal of Applied Sport Management, 5(4), 49-72.
  • Hong, S., Ahn, S., & Chung, T. (2013). An examination of determinant factors influencing local governments' sport industry policy adoption and diffusion: A case of Major League Baseball host cities. Korean Journal of Sport Management.18(6), 25-39. 
  • Hong, S., Mondello, M., & Coates, D. (2013). Examination of the effects of the recent economic crisis on MLB attendance demand. International Journal of Sport Finance, 8(2), 140-156 (SSCI).
  • Hong, S., Lee, J., & Lee, J. (2013). An Examination of Outcome Uncertainty and Attendance Demand in Major League. Journal of Sport and Leisure Studies, 51, 257-267.
  • Hong, S. (2013). Innovation Adoption and Diffusion in Major League Baseball: A Case of Stadium Construction. The Korean Journal of Physical Education, 52(2), 299-311.

External Grants

  • Research grant (HK$ 334,650) (2018) from Leisure and Cultural Services Department in the Government of Hong Kong for the project, titled Provision of Services for the Research Study on the Mode of Subvention to National Sports Associations and Sports Organisations in Hong Kong and Other Overseas Cities or Countries.


Internal Grants

  • FRG (Principal Investigator) (HK$50,000) (2018). The Economic Value of A Professional Sports Team: A Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) Approach [FRG1/17-18/040]
  • Coordinator for Sport and Leisure Management Program (2015 – Present)
  • Associate director of the Center for Global Sport and Recreation Studies (CGSRS) (2018 – 2019)
  • Member of Advisory Committee
  • Member of the Faculty Quality Assurance Sub-Panel
  • Member of the Scholarship Panel Committee
  • Fellow of the Center for Global Sport and Recreation Studies (CGSRS) (2015 – 2016)
  • Academic and Thesis Advisor for Master, and Ph.D. Students
  • Attendance demand in sport
  • Innovation adoption and diffusion in professional sports
  • Stadium financing