Areas of Research

Disease Models

Exercise and physical activity are closely correlated with health and wellness. This considers in physiological, psychological and biochemical how exercise can prevent, improve and manage the health risks associated with diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. More importantly, examine the benefits in different specific exercise prescription, namely exercise type, duration, frequency, and intensity, despite exercise have immediate and long-term health benefits. <Recent Publications>

Children’s Health

Exercise and children's health research investigates the benefits, facilitators & barriers, strategies, approaches to enhance the health status of the children in a positive way. Which can prevent and improve obesity and prevent early onset cardiometabolic syndrome. <Recent Publication>



Sport and exercise psychology is to improve onself’s quality of life and sporting performance by various psychological strategies. Sport psychologists work closely with athletes, coaches, sport organizations, medical teams and the general to investigate the psychology characteristics in performance, health and wellbeing, adherence and motivation to sport. <Recent Publications>

Sport Management & Sport Marketing

In the sport and recreation industry, sport management and marketing is to coordinate sports organizations to achieve predetermined promotion goals, which includes personnel, programs, budgets, sponsor, and facilities.<Recent Publications>