Goal and Objectives

 In line with Faculty Niche Research Areas and University agendas that include: Well-being (healthy living, exercise and nutrition, active ageing and cognitive stimulation, digital health care systems, exergaming and e-sports), the aims of the proposed project are:

  1. To establish a hub that initiates research projects related to obesity and related co-morbidities and actively invites collaborators from different disciplines within the faculty and across the University sector to participate.
  2. Collate data on present obesity policies and interventions currently in operation in Hong Kong and other Asian countries.
  3. Attract excellent scholars and collaborators worldwide to join us and become a world-class and one of the leading obesity research hubs in Asia, with the uniqueness of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary working initiatives.
  4. To organize international conferences on obesity related issues at least once every two years in conjunction with health professionals and related individuals and societies.
  5. Create an operational framework that aligns national health services, participating universities, adult educators and selected professional sporting groups in delivering anti-obesity educational materials and sustainable interventions.
  6. Disseminate research outcomes and findings in leading journals, major conferences, educational establishments including schools, while promoting the use of the material generated from the proposed hub. This includes the development of a dedicated website hosted by HKBU providing relevant and topical information regarding obesity and associated treatments.