Knowledge Transfer


Knowledge Transfer is defined by Massa and Testa (2009) as “the processes of transferring, disseminating and distributing knowledge in order to make it available to those who need it” (p. 130). Research begets new knowledge, that has done much to change our society and enhance health and well-being of human beings. To maximise its impact, knowledge should be transferred effectively to the wider community. The department has a long history of contributing to the community and our staff have been proactively involved in a wide range of knowledge transfer activities. You may have a better understanding of our contributions by clicking the below links:


SPEH Impact Overview Statement in 2018/19

SPEH Impact Case Study in 2018/19

SPEH Environment Statement in 2018/19


Project Highlights

Prof. Cheung, Beat Drugs Fund, 2019-20 "CROSS Fitness 2.0--- A community based reintegrated project for drug abusers"

Prof. Cheung, TDG project, 2018-19 "Developing multidisciplinary and multicultrual competences through gamification and challenge-based collaborative learning"

Prof. Cheung, KTP Project, 2017 "Unified Gymnastics For All Program for Students with and without Intellectual Disabilities in Hong Kong”

Prof. Cheung, TDG project, 2015-16 "Top-up fund for community of practice project: Enhancing students' graduate attributes (GAs) through problem based learning and service learning in formal academic courses"

Prof. Fung, KTP Project 2012-2013 “Talent Identification Protocol for Sand-shoeing for Persons with and without Intellectual Disability”


Funding Schemes

Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund

Holistic Startup Training Programme*NEW*

Research & Impact@HKBU - Issue 1*NEW*

Research Impact Support and Enhancement Fund

Research Matching Grant Scheme*NEW*


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