Empowering athletes in pursuit of sports and education


Empowering athletes in pursuit of sports and education

28 Mar 2024


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When people think of universities, they usually think about learning and research. Apart from studies, sports are also a key part of university life at HKBU. Besides offering 24 sports teams for students to develop their skills and talents in sports, HKBU has been conducting sport science research and offering comprehensive and diversified sport science and management programmes to nurture sporting talent.


Dedicated to supporting the development of sports in Hong Kong, HKBU launched the Elite Athletes Admission Scheme (EAAS) in 2016 and has since supported many elite athletes in their pursuit of a university education with flexible study arrangements. In 2022, the University introduced the Talented Athletes Direct Admission Scheme (TADAS) in response to the Student-Athlete Learning Support and Admission Scheme launched by the University Grants Committee.


Olympic gold medallist fencer Cheung Ka-long is one of the top athletes admitted to HKBU through TADAS. Between schoolwork and fencing in international competitions, university life has been, without a doubt, very hectic for Ka-long, and yet he has been able to keep up with his studies under the University’s flexible learning arrangement.


“As I frequently travel overseas for competitions, HKBU has offered flexible study arrangements to meet my needs, so that the schedules of competitions, assignments and exams won’t overlap,” says Ka-long. “In addition, teaching assistants help me set up my learning schedule to ensure I can make progress in my studies.”


Both in sports and academics, hard work is a key for athletes to thrive. Handball player Cheung Ka-ho, who is a student of the Physical Education and Recreation Management programme, notes that student athletes often face intense pressure as they try to compete at a high level while also pursuing their academic goals. He appreciates that HKBU supports student athletes with academic counselling, psychological coaching and career planning. “This gives us more confidence and motivation to take up different challenges. I believe that these measures are very important to student athletes’ growth and development, which also shows the University’s care and support to students,” he says.


Source: Discover HKBU