Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have achieved excellent results at the 2023-24 Hong Kong USFHK Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony


Congratulations to the seven student-athletes from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have achieved excellent results at the "2023-24 Hong Kong USFHK Annual Prize Presentation Ceremony". This year, the USFHK has introduced a new award called "Hall of Fame" to honour tertiary students who performed exceptionally well for Hong Kong in international competitions last year. Unfortunately, Cheung Ka Long, the USFHK Sportsman of the Year, could not attend the ceremony due to training out of town. However, he expressed his gratitude through a video message, thanking the USFHK for their support and recognition. He also thanked HKBU for supporting him in his studies and training throughout his sports career. He felt proud to have received the Sportsman Award and pledged to continue to bring glory to Hong Kong and pursue excellence. 


2023-2024 USFHK Individual Champions:

Cross Country Running: CHOI Wing Yan

Woodball: CHOW Ting Yi


2023-2024 USFHK Sportsman of the Year:

Fencing: CHEUNG Ka Long


2023-2024 USFHK Hall of Fame:

Fencing: CHEUNG Ka Long

Rugby: FORREST Shanna Sanman

Triathlon: WONG Tsz To

Windsurfing: NGAI Wai Yan

Wushu: LAU Chi Lung


We are proud of these seven athletes who demonstrated exceptional skill and perseverance, earning unprecedented honours. Let us applaud their achievements and look forward to even more brilliant results in future games. 


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