[Register Now] New Webinar on Addressing Air Pollution and Extremes in Air Temperature in Triathlons



Environmental factors are having a significant impact on hosting safe races throughout the world. The Global Triathlon Safety Task Force will be recording a webinar to discuss the science behind how air quality and extreme temperatures affects participants, and what can be implemented to minimize risk. Our Hod - Prof. Yannis PITSILADIS is invited to share his insight on the topic of "New technology for tracking athletes’ vital signs during the race in real-time "


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Date: 26 June 2024 (Wednesday)

Time: 8:00 AM (New York) -1400h CET


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The six panelists participating in this webinar all have significant experience in dealing with weather related issues and will share important insights on dealing with these challenges:
· Paolo Emilio, Medical Manager, World Athletics
A review of the science behind how air pollution and temperature impact races

· Ben Stephenson, Physiologist and performance lead with UK Sports Institute and Vicky Tolfrey, Professor of Applied Disability Sports, Loughborough University
The impact on athletes on air quality and temperature in races.

· Yannis Pitsiladis, Professor of Sports and Exercise Science, Hong Kong Baptist University
New technology for tracking athletes’ vital signs during the race in real-time 

· TK Miller, Global Medical Advisory Board Chair, The Ironman Group
How race organizers can mitigate the risk of challenges created by uncontrollable climate factors.

· Thanos Nikopoulos, Head of Operations, World Triathlon
Specific rules for air quality and temperature extremes for World Triathlon events