Undergraduate Programme

B.A. (Hons) in Physical Education & Recreation Management

Academic Advising Programme

Intended outcomes of academic advising programme in the Department/Programme


Through advisor and advisee meetings, students should be able to:

1. Have the necessary information and skills for adapting to university life, particularly academic studies.

2. Develop professional and communication skills of recreation and sport managers.

3. Recognize the need for life-long learning as well as for leading life-long physically active and healthy lifestyle.


Planned activities at the Department/Programme Level

1. To hold departmental orientation meeting with new students of the PERM programme.

2. To hold advisor - advisee meetings of 6-10 hours (Department requirement).

3. To organize a “Professional Skill Learning” meeting for final year students.


Activity Timeline Responsibility
1. 1st week of 1st semester  Programme Advisor  
2. Throughout the year Department Advisors
3. 4th or 5th week of 2nd semester Programme Advisor 


Prof. Julien S. Baker
3411-8032 AAB926A
Prof. Chow Bik Chu
3411-7007 AAB936
Prof. Cheung Siu Yin 3411-5637 AAB 922
Prof. Chung Pak Kwong 3411-7728 AAB 937 
Dr. Hong Sungil 3411-5638 AAB 933
Dr. Huang Yajun Wendy 3411-6401 AAB 929
Dr. Kim Seungmo 3411-7833 AAB 932
Prof. Lau Wing Chung Patrick 3411-5634 AAB 1130
Miss Mak Ka Yee Elain 3411-5735 AAB 920
Mr. Wong Ka Ki Kilo 3411-7759 AAB 919