Undergraduate Programme

B.A. (Hons) in Physical Education & Recreation Management

4-year curriculum

Award Title:

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Physical Education and Recreation Management 體育及康樂管理文學士(榮譽)

Number of units required for Major: 67
Number of units required for the Award: 128


Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission, the JUPUS applicants shall meet the general entrance requirements in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) listed below:


Subject Level
1. English Language: Level 3
2. Chinese Language: Level 3
3. Mathematics: Level 2
4. Liberal Studies: Level 2
5. Elective: Level 3 in two subjects


Higher priority will be given to applicants taking "Physical Education" subject as elective in the HKDSE and who has obtained distinction in a subject relating to Physical Education and Sport of the Applied Learning Programme if there are two applicants attain the same score in HKDSE.


Programme Description

The overall aim of the PERM is to provide students with sufficient depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and practical experience in the discipline of physical education and recreation management. Furthermore, under the ethos of “whole person education” of the University, our students will also receive a strong liberal arts education such that they can embark on a variety of careers.


Curriculum Structure


Social Sciences Common Core Courses 4 units
Major Required Theory and Skill Courses
40 units
Major Elective Theory and Skill Courses
17 units
Honours Project
6 units
University Core Courses 13 units
General Education Courses 18 units
Free Electives Courses # 30 units
Total  128 units

#Students may take additional Healthy Lifestyle / General Education (Level 1 or 2) courses to fulfil the Free Electives requirement.


Social Sciences Common Core Courses 4 units
Core Course (1 unit)  
Invitation to Social Sciences 1 unit
Experiental Learning in Action (3 units)  


Community and Civic Engagement 3 units
Global Outreach 3 units


Major Required Theory Courses 34 units
Exercise Physiology 3 units
History & Philosophy of Physical Education, Sport & Recreation 3 units
Human Anatomy & Physiology 3 units
Internship - Local Placement * 2 units
Internship - Overseas Placement * 2 units
Motor Learning & Development 3 units
Organization & Administration in Physical Education & Recreation 3 units
Prevention & Care of Sports Injuries 3 units
Research Methods 3 units
Sport & Exercise Psychology 3 units
Tests & Measurement 3 units
Theory & Practice in Sport & Recreation Management 3 units


Major Required Skill Courses 6 units
Conditioning & Fitness 1 unit
Dance 1 unit
Gymnastics 1 unit
Outdoor Pursuits 1 unit
Swimming 1 unit
Track & Field 1 unit


Major Elective Theory Courses (Take any 5 courses) *

15 units
Facility Management 3 units
Financial & Human Resources Management in Leisure Services 3 units
Fitness & Recreation for Selected Population 3 units
Health Fitness Evaluation & Assessment 3 units
Kinesiology 3 units
Leadership and Communication in Sport and Recreation 3 units
Marketing in Sport & Leisure Services 3 units
Nutrition & Health 3 units
Outdoor Recreation 3 units
Recreation Programming & Event Management 3 units
Principles and Practice of Exercise and Weight Management 3 units
Sociology of Sport & Recreation 3 units
Sport Media & Public Relation 3 units
Coaching Theory and Methodology 3 units
Introduction to Horticulture 3 units


Major Elective Skill Courses (Take any 2 courses)
2 units
Badminton 1 unit
Table-Tennis 1 unit
Tennis 1 unit
Squash 1 unit
Golf 1 unit
Taekwondo 1 unit
Tai Chi 1 unit
Basketball 1 unit
Volleyball 1 unit
Handball 1 unit
Soccer 1 unit

* Students taking Internship - Local Placement and Internship - Overseas Placement will fulfil the course requirement of Experiential Learning in Action under "Soical Sciences Common Core". Students have to fulfil the 3 units derived from Experiential Learning in Action by taking PERM Major Elective course(s). Hence, students are required to take a total of 20 units of PERM Major Elective courses.


Honours Project 6 units


University Core Courses

13 units


General Education Courses

18 units


Free Electives Courses 30 units